Six marketing tips that will help you promote your small business for less than $150

Marketing plan

You’re a small business owner who has been investing in your company for years. You’ve put together an amazing product and the business is now successful, but you keep wondering how to get the word out about what you do. Here are six marketing tips that will help you promote your small business for less than $100!

1) Do your market research:

It’s important to know who your target audience is before you start marketing. Taking the time at the beginning of a campaign will help save money in the long run and make sure that you’re targeting people with content they want to see.

The best way to find out if someone would be interested in your product or service is by talking.

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2) Develop a Social Media Strategy: The first thing you should do is develop a social media strategy. This means creating goals and objectives with measurable results, identifying the different channels that work best for your audience, and deciding on what types of content to share. You should also use hashtags (#)to get people’s attention when posting photos of promotional products from various companies in order to market their own goods as well. For example: #smallbusinessownerproblems is trending right now so why not post something funny relating to it? It will give others who share similar challenges ideas too and likely result in more engagement- which means exposure for both parties involved! 

3) Create an Email Marketing Plan: Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to market your small business, so don’t overlook it! We recommend setting up email campaigns at least once every three months. You can also use this time to re-engage past customers by sending them offers they might be interested in or updates about new products and services.

Marketing plan

4) Create a Call to Action: As you’re developing your email marketing campaigns, make sure that they contain some type of call-to-action. This will let people know what you want them to do next after reading the campaign. Calls-to-action can be an offer for exclusive content or access, providing valuable information

5) Establish partnerships with other businesses: A great way to promote your business and bring in new customers is by partnering with other businesses. This can be done through cross-promotions, where you share each others content on social media or send a portion of the proceeds from one campaign to another company

Trying out these 6 tips for digital marketing will help give your small business.

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